(listen, this was made by Nightstorm77,*cough* me, not KittySL)

Five Nights at Ivys is a horror game, but might not be so scary if you saw the character designs.

Ivy: the main animatronic in Five Nights at Ivys and Ivys Shakes and Pies. She is a pink and red animatronic raccoon with a purple mask, yellow eyes and a teal flower on her ear

Vixen: Ivys BFF. She is a white and pink fox with a bib that says LET'S SING! She has green eyes.

WiIllow: Ivys little Puppet. Vixens sister from a different mother. She is a dark blue wolf with a green scarf. She has teal eyes.

Blake: The shy one. He is a brown rat with purple eyes.

Night: She is gold pirate cat.

Flower: Nights pushover. She is a orange pirate rabbit who loooks a little like Tails

Magic: The golden freddy. A brown dog